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Stern Pinball Website Redesign

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The Stern Pinball web presence needed to be refreshed and its focus re-centered, to truly celebrate the company's history and re-engage its dedicated pinball community. Core Twelve wanted to give these loyal arcade-aficionados an online destination that harnessed the very thing that made them fans in the first place... The Game. Core Twelve knew that equally, if not more iconic than the game itself, was the history behind the Stern Pinball brand - today, the world's oldest and largest Pinball game manufacturer and designer in the world.


Core Twelve re-designed and developed a new website, employing a Parallax-like scrolling interface that created a bouncing, flashing pinball game playing field out of the homepage navigation. The website homepage delivers the most up-to-date news, all while engulfing site visitors to journey through a virtual pinball machine - and a historic timeline celebrating the Stern Pinball's longtime success. The site also integrates social media and commenting tools to encourage a more connected community.