Raising River North's

Landmark Trophy Building

Forever Iconic

Standing sixty stories tall along a prized stretch of the Chicago Riverfront, 300 North LaSalle’s panoramic views and unmissable skyline presence has established it as the home for Chicago’s highest-profile companies. Now, new capital improvements are elevating this prestigious workplace even higher. It was a renovation worthy of a new brand, a new story, and most of all, a new tour experience — so we created one unlike anywhere else in Chicago.

Welcome to The 300 Room

Inspired by the highest-end VIP experiences available at Chicago’s legendary sporting venues, we created a tour experience that celebrates prestige, competition, and striving for excellence through the exclusive, rarefied feel of a private club.
We positioned the property’s marketing center as The 300 Room — a clubhouse decked out with luxurious amenities and hospitality-inspired touches, even developing a signature scent to complete the room’s ambiance. Touring guests receive exclusive invitations into the 300 Room, where they are given premium gifts and an efficient, impactful digital presentation.
Guests are then escorted to a whiteboxed floor with breathtaking views, where we set up art installations, wall graphics, and other interactive vignettes that tie back to the campaign’s key messaging.