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Dealership Launch :: Mercedes-Benz Manhattan
June 1, 2011  / 

Dealership Launch :: Mercedes-Benz Manhattan

Mercedes-Benz opened the doors to their flagship U.S. dealership in Manhattan this June and called upon Core Twelve to get the message out. We started with an image of a beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLS sitting in front of a CGI image of the new dealership (since it was still under construction at the time) to show the beauty of the new structure, and an image of a compass pointing north with a vehicle replacing the needle to illustrate that the previous dealership was moving 12 blocks north. The tagline "Luxury has a new address." was the foundation for all of the marketing pieces to communicate that the move was happening.

The messaging began with hang tags, window graphics  and an invoice carrier folder at the old dealership, and culminated with a microsite and a highly-detailed tri-fold direct mail piece that was sent to the dealerships entire customer base to promote the Grand Opening.

MB Manhattan Dealer Launch

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